Scope of CCCryo

The collection currently holds around 500 living strains including many species that make up Green Snow. The database also lists information on 27 specimens of red and grey snow - however, these are no living strains and cannot be ordered. Though specialised on cold-adapted snow algae, the so-called cryophilic or psychrophilic algae, also several mesophilic and thermophilic algae and cyanobacteria, as well as a small number of cryotrophic eubacteria, fungi and mosses are held as life cultures or in a cryopreserved state. Most snow algal strains are unique to our collection, some species are held as multiple strains, but also algae strains from other culture collections are secured as duplicate strains. The taxonomy of snow algae is yet poorly resolved. Some strains may carry a "cf." in front of the genus or species name indicating that this taxonomic name is still unclear. We are continuously updating the taxonomy in cooperation with specialists for the different taxonomic groups, also describing new species, when appropriate; any input from our customers is welcome. Most strains are clonal and axenic, i.e. in the case of algae, free from fungi or bacteria.

pie chart of cultured genera at CCCryo

To browse through our strains according to their geographic origin and directly access the strain details simply click on the icons on the map below. You may also download a respective kml-file for display in georeferencing maps (e.g. GoogleMaps) from the eye-icon in the top menu bar.

Click here for a larger map view

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